Steal my car please!


Would you like your car stolen? If you answered yes to the above, then it seems lately all you have to do is leave your car keys in plain sight inside your house! OK, admittedly a burglar does have to… Read Post

Snake stealer arrested by Cleveland police


When a Cleveland police officer told his colleague they were about to investigate some stolen snakes she thought she’d been caught eating all his ‘snakes lollies’, but he was ssssserious. A pair of Cleveland police officers found themselves involved in… Read Post

Stolen mountain bike from Birkdale


Yesterday a Birkdale man had his prized mountain bike stolen from inside his garage and he would like it back. The Giant 27.5 Anthem bicycle valued at $2,800 (pictured) has the words ‘ROCK SHOX’ written on the frame and should be… Read Post

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