Coffee with a cop, Russell Island

Crimestoppers, Volunteers in Policing (ViP) and police from Bayside District Crime Prevention (DCPC), State Intel and Russell Island itself today teamed up for ‘coffee with a cop’ at Aunty Alice’s Café on Russell Island.

This particular author has previously travelled substantial distances to spend quality time with quality people drinking quality coffee so a short boat trip to Russell Island this morning to do exactly that certainly wasn’t too much to ask.

Russell Island is a great little island with much to offer including locals who put a lot back into their community.  Some of them we met today over a coffee and chat with an intention to offer something back to them.

Today was very much about sitting (and sometimes even standing) with anyone that turned up to ‘chew the fat’.

Coffee, cops and a craft group full of wisdom

We spoke of arts and crafts, coffee and cooking, knitting and gardening. But to convince our bosses that chilling in a café for a few hours during work hours does indeed fit within our job description we had to delve deep to bring out an age old skill of changing the subject.

So we also spoke things we are somewhat more knowledgeable in like crime, rugby, local policing, rugby league, crime prevention and AFL.

Which brings me to our goal of what we were trying to achieve. We managed to sign up a large number of local residents to receive free ‘home security assessments’.

Police and ViPs will be returning to Russell Island on March 28 to provide these home security assessments. Russell Island has had a number of break and enters over the last few months so the fact we ended up on Russell Island today was no fluke.

A key point to come out of today though is there will soon be a lot more Russell Island residents with crime prevention knowledge. Anything we can do to help prevent criminals from committing crimes is a good thing. Helping residents understand what they can do and why they should to it definitely helps prevent crime.

Volunteers in Policing, Crime Stoppers and locals signing up for their free home security assessment

Bayside DCPC have been offering these assessments to our local residents for quite some time now and they are very well received. Anyone wishing to receive a free home security assessment is welcome to contact Bayside DCPC on 0733088180.

Finally I would also like to thank Redland City Council for picking up the coffee bill as well.

Stay safe team.

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