Breakfast of champions

This morning the Redlands Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) hosted their Breakfast of Champions at the Lions Community Hall in Capalaba.

Bayside District Crime Prevention attended along with 45 other Redlands community members from an array of different agencies in both the private and public sectors.

All present had a common goal: identify local challenges and look at how we can can work together to overcome them, whilst of course having a good feed.

Welcome to Country – Uncle Brian Coghill

Being seated at the very end of table four, my initial (albeit small) local challenge to overcome were the tables and distance between me and the enticing breakfast buffet on display. On a more serious note though, members of each table were asked what they believe to be one issue or challenge that needs addressing.

I think its fair to say we didn’t quite solve all the problems of the world but by sitting down over breakfast we were able to plant seeds that I envisage growing into solutions.

I can’t vouch for conversation specifics at the other tables but I can comment on table four. One of our issues raised was disengaged youth and as expected this in turn lead to the related family, schooling and often criminal offending.

I was fortunate enough to be seated at the same table with Uncle Brian Coghill, a North Stradbroke Island elder who opened the event with ‘Welcome to Country’. Brian offered up his ideas and some potential solutions involving traditional tours offered on Straddie.

Jess Sattler from Redlands City Council offered up an example of how youth attendance at the Capalaba Library has quadrupled since they now offer WIFI. Youths in a library surely has to be a good thing.

Alexandra Hills State High School guidance counsellor Jenny Bourke threw up a very relevant point being what students actually do when they are suspended. Obviously being suspended is a punishment not a reward and our little group of problem solvers are now exploring solutions here.

Local businessman Norman Bull touched on some fine points as did Redlands Project Booyah co-ordinator Constable Jarrett Usher.

The wisdom and experience offered up by Acting Officer in Charge of Capalaba Police Station, Senior Sergeant Tim Partridge was certainly welcomed as was the time and efforts of Redlands PCYC Branch Manager Sergeant Graham Pearse who along with PCYC co-ordinator Cyril Brown organised the event.

Other community representatives who I did not sit next to but definitely deserve recognition for their ongoing efforts include Headspace, Crime Stoppers, TAFE, The Cage, Senior PLO Thomas Govenor and representatives from various businesses.

Throw on another feed like that team and I have no doubt you will have no problems enticing people back for round two.

Until then keep watering those seeds team and watch the solutions grow.

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