Residents warned to stay indoors

Please avoid unneccesary travel in these current conditions.  Police are being kept extremely busy in the wet conditions with traffic accidents and fallen power lines.  This morning on patrol we observed many vehicles at all the points taking in the sights of the high swells and rough conditions.  This can be dangerous given the unpredictable nature of this weather system.  Further, kite surfers and wind surfers are taking extreme risks by entering the surf in these conditions and also endangering the lives of rescuers.  We ask that you employ some common sense in staying safe. 

If you see fallen power lines stay clear and contact Energex immediately.  The above images were taken at Ormiston train station this morning.  A fallen tree took out the power line causing both to fall across the track.  Obviously train travel on the Cleveland line has been disrupted. 

For continuous and up to date information please follow the QPS facebook page. 


Cleveland Point at 11am today



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