Holiday security – at your destination

Going away for the holidays?  Here are some security tips for when you arrive at your accommodation venue.

  • Familiarise yourself with the complex
  • Speak with the management regarding security, after hours security and car park security
  • Ensure you lock your vehicle.  Do not leave any valuables inside the car
  • Ensure your unit or room is locked when going out.  This also includes any balcony or patio sliding doors and windows no matter how many floors you are off the ground
  • Avoid having balcony or patio sliding doors open at night unless adequate lockable security screening is in place
  • Don’t leave items of value unattended in your unit
  • Check with management if a guest safe is available to store cash & valuables;
  • Don’t leave valuables unattended at the beach or poolside
  • Whilst staying at any accommodation, secure your property
  • Always lock the door
  • When staying in accommodation, ask what security facilities, like safes, are provided by the establishment to store passports and other valuables
  • Remember not to take all your money and valuables with you if you are partying or day trekking
  • Make it difficult for bag-snatching thieves by using a money belt
  • Keep large amounts of cash and cheques separate
  • Avoid giving the impression that you are carrying a lot of money
  • Try not to advertise that you have purchased something from duty free outlets-place duty free bags out of sight
  • Carry your shoulder bag at the front of your body
  • Mark or photograph your property for identification purposes
  • Keep a list of all serial numbers, model numbers and specific features of your property for identification purposes and insurance claims.



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