Play it safe this summer

With temperatures soaring right across Queensland, outdoor activities are a popular choice for many. Seqwater’s dams, lakes and parks provide some of the best and most affordable swimming, boating, fishing and camping experiences in South East Queensland. With thousands of families, schools, sporting groups and recreation clubs escaping the heat at local lakes and dams, it’s important to remember that water can still be risky.

While there is a serious side to safety, Queensland Police and Seqwater also want you to have fun. That’s why Seqwater have launched for the second year running their #Safey competition that encourages you to take a selfie while playing it safe.

The competition invites people to upload their photos here for a chance to win weekly prizes.

For some #safey inspiration you can visit the gallery of entries already received and remember Seqwater’s top tips for playing it safe:

1. Always wear a lifejacket while on the water;
2. Only swim in the designated swimming areas;
3. Always watch your children near the water – remember there are no lifeguards on duty;
4. Plan ahead and ensure you have sunscreen and plenty of water;
5. Carry a first aid kit and be aware of local wildlife, such as snakes; and
6. Check online before you leave the house, especially bom and Seqwater’s interactive map.

The contest, which runs until the start of March, will culminate with one lucky entrant crowned ‘the ultimate safey star’, winning a $5000 BCF gift card and becoming the face of Seqwater’s Easter safety campaign.


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