A boy, a bike and a friendship forged

Rollingstone Police’s Senior Constable Shaun Sutton and Luke

Young Luke has had a bit of a rough journey in life of late, with his father recently tragically passing away. Luke displayed maturity and bravery beyond his young 10 years when he called 000 seeking urgent medical attention for his father.

Senior Constable Shaun Sutton from Rollingtone Police was first on the scene and conducted CPR on Luke’s father until QAS attended.

Sadly, a few days after the passing of Luke’s father his bike was stolen, leaving him without a bike and struggling to find a positive in life.

Rollingstone Police joined with the Rotary Club of Townsville Saints and surprised young Luke with the purchase of a new bike yesterday afternoon.

Luke was able to have the pick of any bike in the store and chose a flame red Mongoose bike, matching helmet and bike lock.

Harrison from Toys R Us was also happy to give Luke a lesson in bike maintenance and safety.

To say that he was delighted is an understatement, and Luke was happy to let Senior Constable Shaun Sutton have the first ride (as pictured above).

A massive thank you to the Rollingstone Police, Saints Rotary Club and Toys R Us. You have done a wonderful thing here and something that Luke will remember for the rest of his life. Perhaps we will see Luke in the QPS Bicycle Squad one day!

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