There’s no excuse for elder abuse


An event was held today on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at Mcauley Retirement Village Mundingburra with a morning tea. The morning tea was designed to start a community conversation about elder abuse to spread the word- there’s no excuse for elder abuse.

Purple is the official colour of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and denotes wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity.

Elder abuse is any act within a relationship of trust that results in harm to an older person. With the most common forms including emotional, financial, physical abuse and neglect. Sexual abuse can also occur. It can affect people of all cultures, education and socioeconomic status. The majority of abusers sadly, are close family members.

Some examples of elder abuse: “It’s going to be my money anyway”- financial abuse.

“Mum’s house is my payment for looking after her”- emotional abuse and neglect.

“Dad should know I’ve always had a temper”- physical abuse.

We must recognise the signs of all types of elder abuse, those not as visible as physical abuse, because everybody has a right to be safe and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Elder Abuse Helpline – 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday 1300 651 192 (Queensland only)

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