Classroom engagement with Year 10 students

Juvenile Crime Presentation with School Base Police Officer Senior Constable Yvette Starr

Year 10 students from William Ross State High School invited me to attend their classroom to discuss whether the parent is responsible for the behaviour of their children in relation to committing crimes.

“Is it the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is not engaging in illegal activities?”

The students were learning about the legal system in Australia and Queensland and focusing on the increasing rates of car stealing, burglary and home break-ins.

The session was to provide the students with a “real life” perspective of possible legal consequences.

The students asked a lot of questions about juvenile crime and how old you are when you are criminally responsible for breaking the law.

Information was given in relation to being a juvenile and diverting a child who commits an offence from the courts criminal justice system.

The students were also excited to visit the court house and sit in a real life court hearing. They were advised that they would need to bow to the Judge or Coat of Arms upon entering and exiting the courtroom. They were further advised that they would need to address the Judge as your honour.

This was a great opportunity to have important discussions with the students.


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