Ahoy me Hearties! Shiver Me Timbers was that Captain Jack walking the Jetty at Lucinda?

photo 1a

Captain (Sergeant) John Tantalo from Halifax police received a call on Sunday morning just before midday when an unidentified person called urging him to get down to Lucinda fast.

Fearing the worst, he was advised that Pirates were about to come ashore and police needed to stop them, so it was all hands on deck. Obviously a bit of harmless fun.

I pulled up the anchor and set sail to Lucinda where I observed a Pirate Ship moored off the old Lucinda jetty. As it turned out persons did come ashore however they were friendly visitors to our area.

The ‘would be’ pirates were sailing up and down the coast in a replica pirate ship similar to that of “Captain Jack Sparrow’s” on Pirates of the Caribbean.

No hidden treasure was found in the sand of Lucinda and the pirates were last seen walking the plank, I mean jetty back to the “Black Pearl” before sailing off into the sunset.

Sergeant John said “I certainly was relieved we did not have to engage in any sword fights with pirates”. Until next time, See you in Davie Jones’ Locker.

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