Army exercises in the Balonne Shire (St George)

The Royal Military College – Duntroon (RMC-D) will be conducting military exercises from May 17 to June 4 in the Balonne Shire (St George), so please expect to see armoured vehicles, hear noise and see soldiers in the community.

Following on from a highly successful visit last year, 150 officer cadets from RMC-D and additional support staff will conduct practical exercises within the St George community simulating stabilisation activities in support of civil authorities.

Emergency services personnel will be involved with practical exercises in partnership with the Army, so police, fire and ambulance vehicles will be active throughout this period within the St George community.

Operations Officer, Captain James Roberts will be distributing leaflets throughout the town to inform the public, particularly in the area that operations will be conducted. Members of the public are reminded to be safe in the vicinity of armoured vehicles, especially when they are moving throughout the town. If you have animals that are susceptible to noise, it may be advisable to ensure that they are secured when you are not at home. Further information is available from Captain Roberts on 0429 390 137 or St George Police on 4620 3033.

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