Littering explained

It has been alleged to police that some time during the last weekend of March, unknown people have left a quantity of litter and rubbish on the town common just outside Longreach on the banks of the Thomson River. These kinds of actions seriously disrupt other peoples enjoyment of the area and generally make the area look very untidy and uncared for, to both tourists and locals. With a number of enquiries being made with local police, it is considered timely to explain how littering is controlled throughout all communities in Queensland.

Littering offences can be penalised under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011. The legislation is governed by the Department of Environment Heritage and Protection (Dept. EHP). Authorised officer powers are often delegated to local council laws officers. The Dept. EHP website provides two options for reporting. If littering is observed from vehicles, community members can report using the ‘litter and illegal dumping online reporting system’ (LIDORS), which works on smart phones and tablets.

If a dump site is found community members can report it via email to [email protected].

As highlighted on Dept. EHP website, all reports will be investigated by either an officer of that department or the local council. Penalty infringements may be issued to individuals or corporations.

Longreach police often patrol the town common in and around the Thomson River and will continue to do so.

Police would like to remind members of the community the common is considered a public place and all the usual traffic and liquor laws are applicable.

It is very positive to see community members enjoying their local natural habitats, so let’s all be responsible and ensure those with us, clean up after any visits and place all litter in appropriate receptacles.

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