Murri’s on the move in St George

Rural and remote communities face a myriad of challenges, so when the opportunity came to support local indigenous persons in dedicated training in road safety, St George Police jumped on board.

The program ‘Murri’s on the Move’ provides the opportunity to teach and improve road safety within disadvantaged groups, with the specific aim of obtaining a driver’s license.

Having a driver’s license is likely to improve mobility, job opportunities, self esteem and is an integral part of living in the ‘bush’.

Twenty-four participants undertook the training to enable them to qualify for a learners license, with six being able to proceed straight onto the Provisional driver’s license.

St George Police Liaison Officer (PLO) Adam Osbourne said we have a number of resilience programs under way in St George.

“Providing training around the importance of road safety and obtaining a drivers licence is one of the building blocks for success,” PLO Osbourne said.

Community News, Roma

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