Alcohol kills driving skills

buggyOfficers from Barcaldine, Blackall, Longreach and Winton, together with Central West Alcohol and Other Drug Services coordinator David Kerrigan hosted Alcohol Kills Driving Skills for senior students at local high schools in each division.

Students had to drive two laps of a set course in a golf buggy, however, on the second lap they had to wear beer goggles which blurred their vision and mimicked being impaired by alcohol or drugs. As the senior students approach their Schoolies week the program gave the students a fun and interactive awareness of the effects of driving whilst under the influence.

Longreach District Police would like to congratulate all graduating senior students and remind all school leavers to choose safety first, as this is a significant mile stone in their life.

Tips for schoolies:

  • Stay with trusted friends, not the friend you just met;
  • Think before you drink, know that it’s OK to say no;
  • Make the right choices, alcohol/drugs kills driving skills;
  • Stay high on life and not on drugs; and
  • Safety first, if you think someone needs help in an emergency call Triple Zero (000).


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