Beyond floods and fires

roma-ddmg-exercise-bovine-5oct16The Roma District Disaster Management Group has demonstrated that coordinating responses to hazards goes beyond floods and fires.

Meeting in Roma on October 5, the group comprising representatives from a range of government departments, emergency services, as well as the Balonne and Maranoa Councils examined the potential consequences and community impact should a major emergency animal disease outbreak occur.

As a collective, the group were tasked with considering the implications and developing strategies to coordinate a response not only to deal with the initial outbreak, but also the ongoing support to Bio-Security Queensland and their staff and the social and economic implications.

District Disaster Coordinator, Superintendent Maurice Poiner said regardless of the hazard, disaster management requires a whole of government approach to planning, responding and recovering from an event.

“Exercises such as this provides all our group members an opportunity to pool their individual skills and knowledge when confronted with a scenario that whilst unlikely, would present some considerable challenges for all agencies and the wider community.”

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