Hey, R U OK?

Hey, R U OK? On September 8 Barcaldine Police will be taking the time to ask friends, colleagues and the community one simple question… R U OK?

For those of you who do not know, R U OK? is an organisation with a vision to have a world where we are all connected and protected from suicide.

Suicide is genuinely a taboo conversation point. Suicide prevention is a complex and sensitive issue, but the power of asking that one simple question may make a world of difference to that one person you ask. It may help them stay connected and show them they have support.

Being in the police we see suicide too much in all walks of life. Barcaldine Police urge our community to take the time out of your day to ask your friend, a relative, a stranger this one question… R U OK?

For more information about R U OK? day or Queensland Mental health Week, please visit R U OK? and here.


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