Project WASTID launches

WASTID stands for Wasted Adolescence Spent Taking Illegal Drugs.

Project WASTID is a 12 month drug and alcohol awareness program that educates youths from grades five to twelve about the dangers of taking illegal drugs.

Project WASTID aims to increase youth knowledge about the growing concern of drug and alcohol abuse, and in particular the use of methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.

The project performs two key functions which include approved education sessions in schools and community events and active participation in sports and recreational activities.

As part of this initiative, the National Rugby League and Queensland Rugby League have participated in a series of sporting events.

Run by Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck and Senior Constable Sarah Grayson, WASTID was established in early 2015 and emerged from the attendance of a local stakeholder meeting including government, non-government and support agencies that work within the Charleville patrol group.

Since then, Project WASTID has received a $40,000 grant from the QPS Drugs and Alcohol Coordination Unit (DACU), for the implementation of drug and alcohol programs in Charleville.

The mission of the DACU is to enhance the capacity of the QPS participation, to increase knowledge, and minimise the harms associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

WASTID is a proactive program that aims to promote a responsible attitude towards drug and alcohol use and encourages youth’s to drive healthy, active lifestyles.

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