Project WASTID talks to the Charleville community

12189766_395841670612264_5331933198062012713_nYesterday, the team from Project WASTID held their first community forum with the township of Charleville and surrounding areas.

Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck and Senior Constable Sarah Grayson delivered an information session addressing drug and alcohol abuse in Charleville, and in particular, about the prevalence of methamphetamine.

A large group of interested parents, teachers, students and members from our partner agencies also took part in a robust and honest Q&A session.

Through these information sessions, the team at Project WASTID want to address the growing concerns of the Charleville community regarding what to do if their child, family member or friend is exposed to drugs.

The first step is to have that ‘conversation.’


Below are Project WASTID’s top ten tips on how to engage with your kids about this difficult subject:

1.  Be an active part of your children’s lives

2.  Listen to your children, encourage them to share their issues or concerns

3.  Be a good role model, your influence plays an important part

4.  Be honest and open with your children

5.  Choose the right time to discuss sensitive topics, such as drug and alcohol use, with your children

6. Remain calm and rational, do not overreact or ridicule

7.  Avoid conflict when trying to solve a problem

8.  Frequently discuss important issues, encourage your children to be open at any time

9.  Set clear boundaries and rules and enforce them

10. Focus on positive behaviour

For more information and support services you can visit:

Project WASTID says take the CHALLENGE (Choose Healthy Alternatives, Live Life and Experience Naturally Generated Exhilaration).

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