Project WASTID – The magic of music

Between October 10 and 17 the team at Project WASTID ran a series of music workshops with students from schools in Charleville, Cunnamulla, Tambo and Augathella.

The workshops engaged with our target aged students (grades five to 12) and asked them to write and compose a theme song for Project WASTID.

The workshops aim to show students that by playing a musical instrument, participating in sports or engaging in the arts, youths all have a choice to enjoy something they love.

All songs produced by the students communicated a strong anti-drug message and were well supported by the participating schools.

Project WASTID advocates experiencing naturally occurring exhilaration. The team behind Project WASTID encourage youths to take the CHALLENGE.

Choose Healthy Alternatives, Live Life and Experience Naturally Generated Exhilaration.

If you, or someone you know needs help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol head to or or call 1800 177 833 (Alcohol and Drug Information Service) 24 hours, seven days a week.

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