Pokémon Go, also known as the Pokémon zombie apocalypse

In case you are not in the know, a new app was released on July 6 called Pokémon Go and it’s spreading faster than a zombie apocalypse.

The object of the game is to capture creatures that can only be seen on your smartphone, which are in real life random locations. Just to clarify the app is augmented with reality and the creatures are invisible without a smartphone. It is a virtual scavenger hunt set in the real world, with invisible prizes.

It all sounds like harmless fun but when you are focused on looking at your phone for invisible creatures, it compromises your ability to focus on reality. There has already been a number of traffic crashes reported where drivers have stopped suddenly to “capture” a Pokémon and been hit from behind. A moped rider was ticketed because she was hunting Pokémon whilst riding.

Quick reminder for Pokémon trainers; It is an offence to use your mobile telephone while driving, this includes a moped, a motor bike and a push bike.

The incidences of people being injured when walking into objects and onto roads has increased exponentially, it is now even making national news.

Large crowds are gathering in random and obscure places to catch Pokémon which to be honest, if you’re not in the grips of this craze is just a little creepy, especially at night.

Word of warning to all the Pokémon trainers creeping around at night capturing invisible creatures: this behaviour is going to get you noticed especially if you are gathering in the middle of the road or creeping around the back of residences, public buildings or heaven forbid at police stations.

This plod would like to remind all those interested in this current craze that if you must play the game, be smart, do not break the law and keep yourself safe in this reality. The bad people of this world are taking advantage of the distracted masses and perpetrating crimes against them.


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