Scam Warning, North Rockhampton

Recently a gentleman attended the front counter of the North Rockhampton Police Station and handed in a very official looking envelope and accompanying documents that were personally addressed to him. See the attachments Scam Doc 1   Scam Doc 2  Scam Doc 3 to view the documents. Fortunately this gentleman was pretty savvy and new someone was trying to scam him. Unfortunately others are not so lucky. 

The scam was simple. Send some official looking documentation to a Rockhampton resident advising them a parcel containing ordered merchandise has been held up by the Package Control Department of the United States Postal Service and is awaiting shipment to the resident upon the payment of a $30.00 standard shipping fee via cheque, money order or cash. 

Luckily in this instance the resident smelt a rat, and did not complete the documentation and forward his cheque to the United States. He would have been scammed.   

The documentation appeared to be very legitimate, but some quick investigative work revealed it was a scam. Why not try your own investigative skills when you receive similar scams on email or via the post. Search Google and you will find many similar scams. In this instance the letter was addressed as ‘Royal Mail’ with a return address to a Las Vegas address. Last time I checked the USA was not a constitutional monarchy and did not have ‘Royal Mail’!

Further, a quick search on Google Maps via streetview revealed there was no building at the address of 7437 S. Eastern Ave., #613 Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Another Google search by simply typing in Form 11-TS gave a result that this document is a scam. 

Don’t get caught. Get savvy. Catch the scammers out by doing your own detective work!

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