Recruit Dog Joker says ‘Rail safety is no joke!’

Recruit Police Dog Joker and his friends from the Railway Squad attended Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Sunnybank yesterday to talk Rail Safety.

Police spoke with the year six students about rail safety and train etiquette. The students learnt the importance of staying behind the yellow line at train stations and to offer elderly or disabled persons their seats on a full train. Students had to remind Recruit Dog Joker about the dangers of entering a railway corridor, even if it was only to retrieve his favourite toy.

As the leaders of their school they will soon transition from primary school and a number will utilise the Citytrain network to attend their new high schools next year. In addition to learning about trains and railway safety, the students were very interested to learn about all of the equipment carried by all police officers.

The educational experience did not stop with the students, with it being Recruit Dog Jokers’ first trip to a school. Joker was able to familiarise himself a new environment, an important step in his training to become a police dog.

Recruit Dog Joker would like to thank the year six students and said he will see them out and about on the trains.


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