FROM THE VAULT – Laguna Flash: mascot extraordinaire

A third year cadet with academy mascot Laguna Flash, wearing his purple coat and ‘gold’ medallion, stands on the sacred acre at the Queensland Police Academy, c1985

Laguna Flash was purchased for $200 in December, 1974 and he took up residence at the Queensland Mounted Police stables in January, 1975. Flash, a black Shetland pony standing approximately 9 & 1/2 hands high, was born at the Laguna Stud, Moggill, in late 1973.

Between January 1975 and October 1993, Laguna Flash was the Academy’s mascot and was called upon during the course of a year to lead Police contingents at the various official functions. He formed part of the Colour Party which consisted of police Cadets who performed flag bearer duties.

The Colour Party was an integral part of swearing-in and official ceremonies. One Cadet’s duties were to care for and handle Laguna Flash which included washing, grooming and preparing the pony in his official winter or summer ceremonial dress. Laguna’s ceremonial dress also included wearing his ‘gold’ medallion.

The life of Laguna Flash was fairly quiet overall but on the evening of 13 March 1987 he was stolen from the police stables. Luckily he was recovered the next day minus some of his mane and fringe but otherwise in good health.

Laguna Flash was officially retired as the Queensland Police Academy Mascot on 10 October 1993 at the age of twenty. He went to live on a Karana Downs property belonging to the parents of a mounted police officer. Flash passed away a few years later and was buried on the property with a garden planted in his honour.

Laguna Flash leads out a group of recruits at the start of the induction ceremony at the Queensland Police Academy, 1991


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