FROM THE VAULT – The Queensland Police Academy 40th Anniversary


The new Queensland Police Academy nears completion, 1971.

In 1971 work on the new Queensland Police Academy at Oxley was well underway and was completed in time to receive the first batch of 142 successful applicants, 118 men and 24 women. The Queensland Police Academy was officially opened in the evening of 24 March 1972 by his excellency Air Marshall Sir Colin Hannah K.B.E, C.B, Governor of Queensland.

The first floor lounge room in the residences of the Queensland Police Academy come with all the comforts of home, 1972.

The aims of the Academy were outlined in the Official Opening of the Queensland Police Academy Booklet, 24 March 1972:

The Queensland Police Academy has been established because no existing institution could be readily adapted to provide the type of general education and vocational training in an environment specially designed to equip future policemen and women with attitudes and skills necessary to meet growing threats to law and order in our community. The keynote of our society is change. Change in technology; change in social and moral attitudes; change in capacity to be aware of events in a world-wide setting; change in the density of urban settlement and

Inspector J.H. Allsopp, B.A. (Hons), C.H.L., M.A.C.E., first Principal of Queensland Police Academy, 1972

consequent effects on human behaviour; and above all from the police officer’s point of view, change in the number of persons with the knowledge and capacity to participate in sophisticated and subtle crime against individuals and against the community…

In carrying out the functions of a police force, the police officer is required to meet, and effectively deal with, a multiplicity of different situations, all kinds of people for all walks of life. He therefore must be equipped by proper training and education to make good value judgments; to maintain a proper perspective; to appreciate the underlying causes of human behaviour; to communicate with precision and clarity; to display qualities of leadership and to be skilled in all aspects of his required functions. It is therefore a necessity that a high level of education covering a wide field must be available to Cadets. The Queensland Police Academy has been staffed to provide such training.

When the Academy became fully operational it accommodated 450 students, 350 of whom could stay in residences on campus. The first Academy principal was Inspector J.H. Allsop and Deputy Principal was Inspector Frank Clifford.
With the new Academy came the phasing in of a new Cadet system which accepted individuals with a least a year 10 level of schooling who were then able to complete years 11 and 12 at the Academy. Cadets had to be 15 years or older, at least 5 feet 7+1/2 inches tall and after three years of study, graduated at the age of 19.

The first induction parade occurred on 15 December 1972 when 22 men and 11 women were sworn-in as Constables, 13 of them graduating from the Cadet system. 

33 officers were sworn in at the first induction parade held on 15 December 1972. We have the names of the officers but not the order in which they appear in the image - Front Row seated: 5th from right Lecturer Detective Sergeant Donald Braithwaite; 6th from right Deputy Principal Inspector Frank Clifford; 7th from right Lecturer Sergeant 2/c Yvonne Weier; 8th from right Lecturer Detective Sergeant Norm Dwyer. Newly sworn policemen (in the middle & back rows): Leigh Andrews; John Arnold; Timothy Atherton; Geoffrey Barnes; John Bateson; Gary Beattie; C. Booth; Leigh Burt; Ian Gall; Mark Johnston; Raymond Loader; Ross McCann; Graham McIntosh; Bradley Maidment; Clifford Priestley; Harry Rand; Gerald Savage; Thomas Seymour; Garry Stockdale; Christopher Thomas; Peter Whitney; R. Raine. Newly sworn policewomen (on either side of the group): M. Braithwaite; Christine Brown; C. Condon; Patricia Henigan; N. Lavender; Joanne Lowry; Cheryl Parry; Denise Pickup; P. Saunderson; T. Sherwood; Deslye Stevenson

The Queensland Police Academy - 40 years of world class policing through education & training, 2012


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