FROM THE VAULT – Smart Horses, Clever Trainer

Constable Robinson shares the see-saw with his horse 'Trixie'.

John James Robinson, a horse breaker by trade, was sworn in as a Constable on 5 July 1906.

He was obviously a talented trainer who enjoyed encouraging his horses to do all manner of poses and tricks. Constable Robinson was stationed at the Police Depot between 1906 and 1907 and again between 1909 – 1910. He resigned on 30 March 1911 but was re-appointed three months later and spent another 3 years stationed in far north Queensland.

These images show Constable Robinson’s “trick” horses and were taken in the field located at the Police Depot (which was located on the site of the current Barracks Development at Upper Roma Street).

'Blackheath' sits and looks through a telescope.

‘Snowstorm’ (LHS) and ‘Trixie’ (RHS) share a see-saw while Constable Robinson keeps a watchful eye on proceedings.

Constable Robinson's horse 'Snowstorm' reads a book.


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