THEN and NOW – Woogaroo / Goodna Police Station

Streetscape of Brisbane Terrace, Goodna, c1870

There has been a police presence in the Goodna area since 1865 when the Woogaroo (Goodna) lockup was completed for a sum of £163 on the western bank of Woogaroo Creek, not too far from current Goodna Railway Station.

By 1872 the Woogaroo police complex, grew to include a Court House, stable and two dwellings (one of which included an office) for the use of the first Constables, Patrick Kennedy and Michael Sheridan. All of the police buildings presented a primitive appearance, and were later described as “an eyesore to the rising township of Goodna”. They were low set wooden structures with shingle roofs and were not sealed or lined, each with a detached kitchen.

By 1888 the roofs of the buildings leaked and white ants had severely weakened their framework. In December 1889 tenders were called for the construction of a new Police Station and Court House complex. The new Goodna Police Station, Court House and cells were built in Church Street between Mill and Alice Streets, and were completed in 1890. The station was a wooden building consisting of five rooms (living accommodation for the Officer in Charge), a kitchen, an office and a room for a single Constable. In 1893 the original, 1870s police station was pulled down and rebuilt near the new complex as the stables.

By 1917, the police at Goodna paid daily visits to the fast growing town of Redbank. In about 1920 a bicycle was sent to Goodna and this mode of transport was replaced by a B.S.A. motorcycle in 1951 and then by a Ford Falcon Sedan in 1961. Electric light was first connected to the Goodna Police Station in November 1927. The staff level received its first increase in 100 years when a third officer was added in 1970. In 1985 the third Goodna Police Station was officially opened and this building still stands today at 12 Church Street.

Goodna Police Station, 1890

Goodna Police Station plan, 1890

The newly refurbished Goodna Police Station, January 2012


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