It’s your Choice hits the airwaves!


Charlotte in the 96Five studio ready to become a radio star!

Have you heard the It’s your Choice ads on the radio?  

Three ads were produced for the campaign and were released on April 20. The ads were voiced by Sergeant Jo Broughton, Inspector John Hallam, Petero and one of the stars of the ads, Charlotte.

Targeting three different areas, the ads send messages to the community about having choices available to you in a situation where there is impending violence.


Petero and Charlotte had alot of fun together voicing the radio ads

Charlotte and Petero’s script talks about how the community have the power to stop kids being exposed to violence.

Sergeant Jo Broughton enjoyed writing the scripts for the ads “This is one of the highlights of my crime prevention career – having the opportunity to write scripts for radio ads for a state-wide campaign. I am by no stretch of the imagine a copywriter but I think perhaps I missed my calling..?”

A big thanks to the team at 96Five who kindly produced these ads for us. The ads have been sent to nearly every radio station in Queensland so you won’t miss them! Let us know what you think! If you don’t want to wait to hear them on the radio, then you can listen them here:

Radio Ad 1

Radio Ad 2

Radio Ad 3

Radio Scripts_96Five_Page_3

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