Officers engage with Hervey Bay community

Senior Constable Amit Singh and Police Liaison Officer Goomblar Shillingsworth have called in their high-powered friends, Clinton Toopi, Preston Campbell and the Preston Campbell Foundation, to help engage and empower the Hervey Bay community.

Officers Singh and Goomblar were joined by the Preston Campbell Foundation at Glendyle School. The officers aimed to help students understand the importance of staying in school and emphasised the long-term benefits of an education. People who have been touched by the Preston Campbell Foundation, a foundation which aims to develop programs and opportunities for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, discussed their own life experiences and the obstacles they have overcome. They spoke of the strength it takes to let go of toxic friendships, the impact of bullying and discussed tools to combat bullying.

The next stop was at the Kal’ang Respite Centre, a centre dedicated to providing care and support for community members, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island elders. Senior Constable Singh was joined by Preston Campbell and Clinton Toopi, both former Rugby League players, and were welcomed by the elders and greeted with a traditional welcome dance. The three of them spoke about the importance of culture, society and respect of elders.

The officers at the Hervey Bay Police Station also met with the Preston Campbell Foundation over coffee, discussing the negative effects of drugs on individuals and society as a whole, and the importance of reducing the stigma and promoting awareness of domestic violence. The Foundation extended their support to the Hervey Bay officers, and spoke of their willingness to back programs and future events run by the police.

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