‘Engrave and Save Day’ a big success

Well they say if you can’t get people to come to you, go to the people. Which is exactly what the Volunteers In Policing and the Crime Prevention unit did today at the Pialba Beachfront Caravan Park.

Every year particularly over the holidays we see a few reported incidents of thefts from our local caravan parks. These holidays, the crime prevention unit and the volunteers thought they would step up and take property security to a new level.

What better way to increase police presence and also increase property security, than to walk through, have a chat and offer free engraving to the happy campers.

After a few mixed reactions, usually most were “oh is everything ok officer” and after establishing the reasons for our visit, mostly all were very keen to have their property engraved. One gentleman in particular from Brisbane had his chairs, kayak and paddle and BBQ engraved, and finished off with some prevention stickers for outside the van.

It was pleasing to see so many were keen to take up the offer for the engraving.  As they say prevention is better than cure!! In this case it was great to have so many supporting and keen to protect and secure their property.

Don’t forget tomorrow we are at the Scarness Caravan Park 12-3 and then on Wednesday at the Torquay Caravan Park. Come along and have your property engraved.

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