Fraser Island – the infamous “Wilson” has been located

Fraser Island – the things we see whilst out and about!

wilsonWhilst travelling along the Eastern Beach on Fraser Island near Eli Creek – A Volunteer In Policing member from Maryborough observed a rather unusal sight. Remember the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks and the ever so infamous “Wilson” (volleyball).  Well would you believe the same was located on the beach, barnacles and all.  Rather amusing when you think about it considering there are all sorts of treasures that turn up on the beach. Next time when you are travelling – keep a look out, you could find anything!

Or maybe it was his cousin? Wilson the basketball?

Have you ever found something like this wash up before? If so, what and where?

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  • Ester


  • Max Blood

    to bad this is a basketball…

    • Jane Grais

      Too* bad you didn’t finish reading the post.

  • Cheryl Both

    Better call FedEx so that he can be reunited with his fellow castaway!

  • #fail

    that’s a basketball…

  • Gavin_Vonhoff

    To all the clods pointing out it’s a basketball: Yeah, no crap, it mentions that in the ARTICLE.