Mobile Phone Consumer Beware! – Scam

Mobile Phone consumer Beware!

Maryborough Police advise that a number of people across the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay Region have received unsolicited text messages.  The messages are threatening in nature and request that the receiver pay $2000.00 to eliminate the threat.

The messages read along the lines of “A contract has been taken out on you life for $5000 if you pay me $2000 in 48hrs I can cancel the contract. Do not contact the police”.

Police are advising that they are aware of the messages and that in excess of 40 people across the region have contacted the police after receiving the text message. Police are advising people to delete the message and not reply as it is a scam. Under no circumstance should any member of the public make arrangements or attempt to exchange any money.

It appears that this message has been sent out on a large scale and it is believed that it originated from overseas.

Should you or someone you know receive these messages please contact SCAMWATCH and record it with the ACCC at

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