Henderson Park Estate Residents – Tinana

DID you know that statistics show that where there is an active Neighbourhood Watch group the level of crime is significantly reduced? 

Police are urging residents to help grow the Neighbourhood Watch network and play a bigger role in combating crime in “Henderson Park Estate”.  This program is about educating the community on crime prevention and provides tips on how people and their property can be kept more safe and secure.

Maryborough Police would like to establish a Neighbourhood Watch group

In Hendesen Park Estate – Tinana 

There will be a social gathering on the:- 

Sunday the 15th July at 3:30pm at 22 Chelsea Court.

Bring your family and enthusiam to come along and find out what is really happening in your area and how you can help your neighbourhood.

Local police will be there to answer any questions you may have.  Neighbourhood Watch is YOUNG, FUN and SOCIAL so please come along.  For more details please contact Senior Constable Mel Ryan at the Crime Prevention Office email [email protected]


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