How to frustrate a car thief :)

We have just now slipped past the half way mark for the month of May (rapidly approaching the half way mark for the year overall – frightened any one?)

Interested in knowing how many reported stolen cars we have had so far this month for our district?

We have had eleven stolen car reports – when we look more closely at these reports we see that seven of these have a consistent theme.  The thieves are finding the car keys during the course of committing a burglary – they are being found in plain sight : on a bench or a table for example.  The car keys are then used to steal the nearby car.

That’s almost 75% of this months stolen cars being stolen in this way!

There are two things we can do which will frustrate the thief:

  • Acknowledge thieves are seeking your car keys – store them out of sight at home and/or your business.
  • If the thief can’t break into a building because of your security measures – they can’t search for your car keys regardless.  Preventing a burglary means fewer stolen cars.

Victims of car theft talk often speak of their feelings of frustration after the event – let’s turn the tables and frustrate the thieves.

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