Celebrating our first anniversary working with ABC Tropical North

Relaxing briefly after our recorded interview – no rest for the wicked

Any time I have a scheduled morning interview with any radio station it means one thing – less sleep :).

You sacrifice an hour or two of shut eye to get into work earlier and do your research – my version of a nightmare is being asked a question on air that you don’t know the answer to!

Tegan Philpott from ABC Tropical North radio has been working with me conducting weekly radio interviews on police related subjects for just over one year now.¬†Aside from enjoying every minute of it, I’ve received great feedback from listeners which is always encouraging.

Teegs, I’m raising my coffee glass to you as I type right now – thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Subjects for this week’s radio interview relate to understanding¬†bitcoin¬†and it’s role in ransomware attacks, we also analyse some recent opportunistic crime examples from right here in Mackay and talk about what we can do (if anything) to protect ourselves from them.

Tune in to ABC Tropical North on Saturday and Tuesday mornings to hear our interviews.

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