Guess which local officer received a CQ University Award?

I’m typically asked to create a post about my supervisor Sergeant Nigel Dalton when we have found a way to create a bit of a “gee up”. That’s not the case today.

On May 4 Sergeant Dalton was presented with the Honorary Award of Companion of the Central Queensland University. I wanted one too but I haven’t been working closely with CQ University staff and students focussing on crime prevention and community safety projects since 2006! Sergeant Dalton has.

Annual projects have taken months of planning and practice to be up and running at a high standard. Choices, a musical drama focussing on preparing Year 12 students for safe participation in Schoolies – since 2006, was one of these projects. Another is Safety Circus, a musical drama targeting grade three students across the Mackay district about road safety, bullying and by-stander behaviour to prevent bullying as well child abuse reporting methods – since 2013.

I’ve seen first hand the close working relationship that Sergeant Dalton has with the musical theatre students and staff members from the university. Aside from working together through what is generously described as ‘time hungry’ projects – he is more than just responsible for the police component. He is something close to a father-figure when on the road touring and he also brings the students food which is a huge plus!

The passion which Sergeant Dalton and both university staff and students bring to all of their work together is right there to see. Congratulations boss.

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