Edens Landing Dream Team – Dale’s Birthday Surprise

Edens Landing Police Beat are now to be known as the dream team in the eyes of an amazing, gifted, funny and engaging person by the name of Dale Mulder.

Some weeks ago Edens Landing Police were given the opportunity to make a wish come true for Dale. This was an opportunity that could not be missed and of course we jumped at it with arms wide open!

Dale has down syndrome which affects a wide range of developmental delays and physical disabilities caused by a genetic disorder. Dale is high functioning and has one wicked sense of humour and loves his music and the only music to love, the 80’s ballads!

Dale celebrated his 32nd Birthday on the 24th August surrounded by family and friends. Dale has always been fascinated with the Police ever since a positive encounter with police many years ago and since this encounter he has become the Police Service’s biggest ambassador. So what better birthday present for Dale then a surprise visit from Edens Landing Police.

Edens Landing Police worked tirelessly with Dale’s mum and Logan City Councillor Stacey McINTOSH to pull off the almighty surprise.

At midday on Saturday 2nd September Edens Landing Police arrived at Dales address not only in a police vehicle but a police All Terrain Vehicle. With the announcement of lights and sirens, Dale sprung to the front door and greeted us with arms wide open.

It was at this time that Dale was instructed that he was being escorted to Edens Landing Police Beat for a number of surprises and a belated birthday present.

Dale sporting his finest sunglasses, namely aviators, jumped into the front seat of the marked police vehicle, buckled up his seat bealt and was rip roaring ready for an afternoon of entertainment. I must admit he certainly looked the part!

So we were off! Lights and siren bursted as we left his home address to draw the attention of all the neighbours who had come out to see. While en-route Dale was telling us all about his love for the band KISS and showing off some of his moves along the way.

Upon arriving at Edens Landing Police Beat Dale appeared to be overwhelmed by the fact that he had just ridden in a police vehicle, a life long dream that had finally came true for this amazing man.

With family in tow and a smile from ear to ear Dale was welcomed into Edens Landing Police Beat at which point he was greeted with a large present, cupcakes and party food of course!

When Dale was given the opportunity to choose between cupcakes or his present he clearly choose what we all would have chosen, the present! Within seconds Dale had torn open the gift wrapping and unveiled his gift from Edens Landing Police Beat officers.

The look of amazement and gratitude on his face was heart-warming. Dale was gifted his own baseball cap with QPS badge embroidered on the front, a jacket also embroidered with a QPS badge, a QPS backpack and of course his very own notebook to record details he may wish to capture. Within seconds Dale was sporting his new attire and certainly looked the part.

It was at this time that we all broke into song and sang Dale ‘Happy Birthday’ before he blew the candle out on his QPS cupcakes. After eating the delicious delights there was yet another surprise install for Dale.

It was at this time that I told Dale that I would be taking him for a ride in the Police All Terrain Vehicle ‘Teryx’. ¬†Again within seconds Dale had leaped into the ATV and was waiting eagerly with anticipation. Sporting his awesome sunglasses we were off patrolling the bushland and rail corridors in and around Edens Landing.

Dale could not contain his excitement and to be honest I don’t believe that we could contain our excitement either. His eagerness, passion and sense of humour was infectious.

So as the afternoon drew to a close it was time to capture this amazing wish come true with a number of photos of course. Dale was so grateful and thankful for this opportunity.

As though it had been scripted there was an unofficial low fly over of a helicopter who also joined in the birthday celebrations.

Both Senior Constable Jade CLAYTON and I would like to thank you Dale for your continued support of the Queensland Police Service and to further thank you and your family for allowing us to share in your birthday celebrations.

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