Hillview and Saint Mary’s students ‘Join the Drive’

Beaudesert Adopt a Cops attended Hillview State School and St Mary’s Catholic School for day three of Road Safety Week 2017.

Topics discussed with students included wearing seatbelts, helmets, safety around buses and crossing roads.

Hillview State School is in a rural area surround by farms and large properties.

Speaking to students it was identified that safety around vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles may be a little bit more relaxed when on private property and enjoying ‘farm life’, than when on the roads.

Students were encouraged to maintain the habit of wearing seat belts whenever they are travelling in a vehicle, and wearing a helmet when on bicycles or motorbikes.

St Mary’s Prep, Year 1 and 2 Students were given talks on road safety focusing on safety around busses, helmets and safely crossing roads.

Officers then engaged with parents in the car park, encouraging safe driving within the school car park.

Adopt a Cops assisted with the pedestrian crossing within the St Mary’s car park

For more information on how you can get involved in Road Safety Week click here.

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