Fatal Five education for young drivers at Park Ridge State School

Participants of the RACQ Docudrama including student actors, QPS officers, QAS officers and Metropolitan Funerals.

Yesterday morning (May 10) police from Logan District Crime Prevention Unit attended Park Ridge State High School to participate in a RACQ Docudrama aimed at highlighting road safety awareness to young drivers. The Docudrama was presented to approximately 120 students.

The RACQ Docudrama is a road safety program which is presented to students in senior school years – mainly year 11 and year 12. The Docudrama is aimed to engage learner drivers to make better choices both as drivers and passengers. As part of this, year 11 student actors Nicholas Swain, Ashleigh McDougall and Thomas Stone, and operational emergency service workers demonstrate a common road safety scenario to highlight the importance of making appropriate road safety choices.

Officers from Queensland Ambulance Service and funeral directors from Metropolitan Funerals also assisted in the Docudrama. Harvey’s Towing provided the crashed vehicle to be towed into the location as well as a BBQ lunch for students.

After watching the ‘mock crash’, students were educated on the ‘Fatal Five’ road safety issues including drink and drug driving, fatigue, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding and distraction. This information session also allows students to ask questions about what they can do to prevent being involved in traffic crashes. Sergeant Nicholas Edwards also attended the school for this presentation where he was able to answer student’s questions as the school’s Adopt-a-Cop.

Docudrama was a success at Park Ridge State High School by highlighting the Fatal Five to young drivers with many students approaching the emergency service workers after the ‘mock crash’ to personally thank them for highlighting the importance of responsible driving as well as attending these incidents in real life.

Queensland Police Service (Acting Senior Constable Natalie Wilson) and Queensland Ambulance Service workers assist in RACQ’s Docudrama

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