Rochedale South saturated

Springwood Police ran Operation Chevron Bisque from Thursday through to Sunday concentrating the majority of their efforts in the suburb of Rochedale South. It was a mixed bag of policing strategies from drug raids and RBTs through to mixing in with the locals and park rangers at some of the beautiful recreational facilities in our area.

The pictures below show Senior Constable Mike McDonald of the Rochedale South Police Beat becoming a bit of a magnet for attention with his brightly coloured police ATV, kindly lent to us by the Beenleigh Police Station.

Senior Constable McDonald was able to spend the weekend talking to mountain bike riders, young families and park rangers from Underwood Park all the way through to Daisy Hill Forest.


At the same time, a large contingent from Springwood Police Station spent the weekend conducting highly visible traditional traffic enforcement and targeting known drug and property offenders in the area.

At the conclusion of the operation, a total of 51 offenders were charged with over 80 charges including being armed with intent to commit and indictable offence, burglary, stealing, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, possession of drugs and utensils, drug driving, drink driving, disqualified driving, creating a public nuisance and many other charges. There were 2,737 vehicles intercepted and breath tested, 14 people arrested on outstanding arrest warrants and 33 Traffic Infringement Notices issued.

Constable Dan Morgan of Springwood Police, who ran the operation, said the operation was a huge success.

“The saturation and intelligence based targeting of our known offenders in the area in this case has worked really well,” Constable Morgan said.

“The residents of Rochedale South should be confident that Springwood Police are working towards keeping their suburb a great place to bring up a family.”

Springwood Police plan to conduct other similar operations in the other three suburbs in their division, that of Springwood, Daisy Hill and Slacks Creek in the near future.

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