Snakes Alive! Make sure your mesh is snake proof


With the warm weather and favourable conditions, snake calls for animal rescue workers, shire councils and snake removalists are running hot!

If you have chicken coops, guinea pigs, aviaries, pet rats or anything delectable to these sensational slithering reptiles, it is very important that the appropriate snake proof wire mesh is used. It also needs to be applied effectively to reduce the risk of losing your loved pets to the inevitable attraction of the ubiquitous snake in the bird cage with a funny lump and no parrot!

This picture taken shows a large lump in this beautiful carpet snakes belly which is ‘Fluffy Wuffy’ the once large and adorable guinea pig! The cage in this case did in fact have snake proof wire but a hungry python is very capable of lifting an insecure lid such as the hutch-hatch in this case and make a meal of (or made a meal of) dear departed ‘Fluffy Wuffy’.

So remember also to secure lids on hatches in such a manner that gaps or unweighted lids cannot be squeezed through by the hungry hoarders of serpents in our midst!

Vale Fluffy Wuffy 🙁


I attended another job this morning where we believe this slippery creature swallowed a poor kitty!



This photo was taken before I attended the scene. Some of you may be able to identify the creature better than I can, but the tail indicates it could have been a cat.


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