Road safety, a cultural experience

On February 25 and 26, a group of 24 multicultural members of the Gympie Community had the great opportunity to experience a two day course developed to teach them driver awareness skills and gain a better understanding of the Australian road rules.

As you can appreciate overseas countries have very different road rules, this is why we believed that this driving experience was so beneficial to help give confidence and a clearer understanding to Australian laws; resulting in keeping our roads safe.

Classroom theory and practical driving experience was gained including distances to keep between cars, blind spots, peripheral vision when driving. This includes not just focussing on the car in front of you, but what is ahead on the road, as well as the distance it takes to stop a car when braking and highlighting how much further it takes to stop when speeding.

The Traffic Police Vehicle was a great hit with all interested to see the flashing lights and hear the sirens.

Thanks to the collaboration between MINS (Multicultural Information Network Service Inc.), Gympie Police – Crime Prevention and Roadcraft Driver Education, a grant was approved by Suncorp Bank to be able to fund such a wonderful program.

Police and MINS took up with the participants before and after the training – and the results speak for themselves. The confidence and detailed knowledge that they retained and were able to speak about was fantastic to hear!

Congratulations to all that took part!

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