Project SAVE potentially saves lives

The Crime Prevention and Cross Cultural Units teamed up to run a docudrama of a mock car accident at Upper Coomera State College on September 13.

The day was an absolute success with around 300 students from Australian Industry Trade College, Assisi College and grades 11 and 12 from Upper Coomera coming together to watch the re-enactment of a car accident with role players from all schools dressed in make-up to make it as real as possible.

The emergency services all played their role in the docudrama with the firefighters cutting the car open to retrieve passengers and the ambulance officers assisting the injured, the undertakers removing the deceased and police arresting the driver and charging them with drink driving and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

After the role play, students returned to the hall for a pack-filled day of lectures that included Wayne from the Australian Spinal life from a wheel chair after a car accident 32 years ago, Melissa – a mother of a 18 year old drink driver who died along with four others when he hit a parked car on the highway at Coomera in 2013, Scott and Rod – speaking on surf safety and ocean rips, Angela and Nicola – schoolies safety for 2017 and Dave on ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’ message.

Students were taken outside and stood in the SAVE project name on the oval for a photo taken by the schools drone. The message was loud and clear from emergency services about road safety and the evaluations had every student understanding the seriousness of the message and learning the QPS Fatal Five message. Thanks to all the community organisations and volunteers that took part in this event(over 100 people) to make this happen!

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