It’s blue and gold as Surfers Paradise Police and G:link staff work together

Surfers Paradise Police and G:link customer service officers (CSOs) and Senior Network Officers (SNOs) are going to be out and about this week in a joint initiative to keep the light rail system fair for everyone. Until October 1, Queensland Police and CSOs will be focusing on fare compliance and behaviour on the Gold Coast Light Rail network through a number of joint operations. Not only do these joint operations keep the system fair for all G:link passengers, it’s a great way to prevent dangerous or anti-social behaviour in or around light rail infrastructure.

The relationship between QPS and G:link has been helpful in terms of information flow and offender identification. CSOs and SNOs are often an extra set of eyes out on the network and can provide information and assistance to QPS in regards to alleged offenders, behavioural concerns or suspicious items or persons. Joint operations are a great way for both teams, to work together, to ensure the safety and security of G:link passengers and wider Gold Coast community.

So keep in mind, when you’re riding the G:link network you may be asked to present your ticket for inspection. Police officers and G:link Customer Service Officers both have the power to request to see your ticket. They are working together to keep the system safe and fair for all.

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