Educating young drivers on a semi-related topic

On Thursday, July 27, police from the Norfolk Village Police Beat attended Rivermount College in Yatala to take part in the Hanson Young Driver Safety Program.

Police collaborated with senior management of the Hanson Quarry Wolfdene, which is located in Luscombe, to deliver a road safety program to year 11 students to educate them about safely sharing the road with heavy vehicles. Year 11 students are the perfect target group for this program as they already have their learner licence, with most ready to apply for their provisional licence. Learning good habits early is essential for road safety.

The main aim of the program is to save young peoples lives. Ormeau, Yatala and surrounding area’s roads are heavily populated with trucks, and with many students living in these suburbs, they need to be educated on the risks associated with trucks and how to minimise these risks.

Topics covered included braking distances, blind spots, situation awareness, tailgating, turning circles and overtaking.

To keep students engaged, the presentation included real life experiences, dash cam videos and practical involvement.

Police also added the importance of the Fatal Five in reducing road fatalities and also some traffic crash encounters.

The QPS has a high priority of not only reducing road trauma and fatalities, but also partnership policing. Police are more than happy to collaborate with local stakeholders to deliver vital and important information to the community on topics such as road safety.

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