Police Continue Active Pursuit of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) Illicit Activities

Ninety-four OMCG related offenders have been charged with more than 150 offences since January 1, 2013.

Police from across the South Eastern Region have maintained pressure on Organised Criminal Networks which is reflected in the 2013, OMCG statistics which indicate 32% of offenders were directly linked members of OMCG clubs.

Offenders were charged with a variety of serious offences including Assault, Deprivation of Liberty, Evade Police, Dangerous Driving and Unlawful possession of concealable firearms.

Most recently on March 15 2013, a Lone Wolf OMCG probationary member faced court following an attempt to evade police at Merrimac. The police helicopter assisted police to locate the offender who was arrested following an attempt to flee on foot.


SER OMCG Offenders and Offences – YTD 1 January – 31 March 2013


Offenders Offences
Coomera 10 12
Gold Coast 66 116
Logan 18 31
TOTAL 94 159


Members / Associates Percentage Breakdown


Member Combination(Ex Member, Probationary, Prospect and Nominee) Associate
Coomera 40% 0% 60%
Gold Coast 30% 12% 58%
Logan 33% 28% 39%
South Eastern Region 32% 14% 54%


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