The Thin Blue Line

Constable Jamie Maris reveals the wonders of policing in the poem below

There’s a thin line between what’s wrong and right.
A thin line between the dark and the light.
There’s only a few that would walk the beat.
Only a few that could withstand the heat.

Do you think this is something you could do?
Do you think you could join the boys and girls in blue?
Well let me share with you, what its like,
Tell me then if you want to join this hike.

It’s not all bad and it’s not all sad,
You meet people that are sometimes glad.
Including young kids who scream with excitement,
but then you’ll meet those who are very defiant.

You could be sent to a job on the beach,
or maybe a husband and wife with a DV breach.
It might even be a stealing from a shop,
or a standard RBT for a traffic op.

What if you get called to a house on fire?
Or a traffic crash caused by a drink driver?
Could you talk to a kid that’s just been hurt,
by the one who’s told him not to say a word?

Could you tell a parent their child has just passed?
Could you sit there and deal with the emotional blast?
Could you go to work knowing you might not come home?
Could you handle walking into the unknown?

Don’t be scared by what you hear,
It’s just a job, it’s pretty clear.
You’ll be taught how to deal with this.
You’ll be taught how to handle yourself in a crisis.

You’ll have the skills and all the tools.
You’ll learn to talk and enforce the rules.
You’ll grow strong as a person, that is for certain.

Your colleagues become your friends, who then become your family.
This life-long career starts with just one step, your very first day at the academy.

After hearing all this, how do you portray
the boys and girls in blue, will you join their crew?

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