Where is Mr Cuddles?

Four-year-old Toby lost his favourite toy Mr Cuddles last week and his first thought was to ask mum to take him to the police station and report Mr Cuddles missing. He told his mum that the police are very helpful and would help him find Mr Cuddles.

After searching high and low for Mr Cuddles, Gladstone Police were unable to locate him.

Toby attended Gladstone Police Station on Tuesday afternoon because police wanted to speak with him about what happened to Mr Cuddles. When he arrived police told Toby that they had done everything they could to try and locate him, however they were unsuccessful. Gladstone Police then presented Toby with a toy Police Dog named Buff, and asked him to take care of Police Dog Buff for them.

Toby agreed to take care of Police Dog Buff for the police and was stoked to hang out with some of Gladstone’s police officers.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Mr Cuddles, please contact Gladstone Police Station. Mr Cuddles is approximately four years old, has a fair complexion, dark coloured eyes and has been stitched in a number of places to be repaired.





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