Plan how you are getting to ANZAC Day ceremonies Tuesday

Trinity Beach Dawn Service
Photo by Sergeant Joy Melchiori

As far northerners gather to pay tribute to our ANZAC’s, Far North District Acting Superintendent Peter Mansfield doesn’t expect any problems will arise.

He does however expect members of the community will afford respect to those participating in and attending ANZAC Day ceremonies throughout the far north.

“As locals gather at dawn on ANZAC Day to commemorate the anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915 to pay tribute to our fallen, police aim to ensure local events go ahead as planned without incident,” Acting Superintendent Mansfield said.

“Additional police will be rostered to ensure all planned marches and ceremonies go ahead as scheduled.

“Those attending these events are reminded to make travel arrangements before they head out if they plan on consuming alcohol after ceremonies.

“You want ANZAC Day to be memorable for the right reasons.”

With a number of ANZAC Day ceremonies and marches planned throughout the far north on April 25, locals and visitors alike are reminded that there will be a number of changes to traffic conditions with roads closed during this period.

  1. Atherton
    Between 10am and 12.30pm – Main Street, Atherton from the intersections of Vernon Street, Jack Street and Cook Street. Left hand lane only.
  2. Babinda
    School Street (from Church Street to Munro Street) and Munro Street (from School Street to Knowles Road) will be closed from 9.45am to 10.30am.
  3. Cairns Dawn Service and Services March
    3am to 11am – Cairns Esplanade roadway will be closed between Spence Street and Minnie Street. Florence Street will be closed between Esplanade and Abbott Street .
    Services March and Public Commemoration Service
    8am to 10am – Grafton Street will be closed between Minnie Street and Florence Street.
    9am to 11am – Minnie Street will be closed from Esplanade to Grafton Street.
  4. Cairns – Stratford Service Stratford Parade, Greenbank West Road, Stratford will be closed from 6.30am to 7.30am.
  5. Cardwell
    There are no road closures in Cardwell, however delays to southbound traffic on the Bruce Highway is expected between 11am and 12noon as the Anzac Day Service will take place on the foreshore. Police will provide traffic control at this time.
  6. Chillagoe
    Between 9.15am and 10.15am, Main Street between Cathedral and Frew Streets will be closed.
  7. Cooktown
    Charlotte Street will be closed from 10.30am to 11am for the March between the Green and Walker Streets. At 11am the ceremony will follow the parade at ANZAC Park.
  8. Dimbulah
    Between 4am and 9am, Glynn Street between Raleigh and Brickley Streets will be closed.
  9. Edmonton
    Bruce Highway Service Road (between Green Street and Cattle Street), Bruce Highway Service Road (at exit from Piccones Shopping Cenre onto the Bruce Highway Service Road), Cattle Street (between Bruce Highway Service Road and Wolff Street) and Wolff Street (between Cattle Street and Fuller Park) will be closed from 7.30am to 10.30am.
  10. Gordonvale
    Gordon Street (from Mills Street to Norman Street), Norman Street (from Gordon Street to Cannon Street), Cannon Street (from Norman Street to George Street) and George Street (from Cannon Street to Sheppard’s St) will be closed from 6am to 11am.
  11. Herberton
    Between 9.30am and 11am the following streets will be closed. Grace Street at the intersection of William Street. Perkins Street at the intersection of Access Road to the Cenotaph, and both sides of John Street at the intersection of Grace Street.
  12. Innisfail
    From 8am to 10.30am, closures on Fitzgerald Esplanade between Grace and Edith Street and along Edith Street to the intersection of Ernest Street. The parking area of the Fitzgerald Wharf will be closed off. Detours will be in place at the Rankin Street and Edith Street intersection and Owen Street and Edith Street intersection.
  13. Kuranda
    Between 10am and 10.45am, Coondoo Street between Thongon and Therwine Streets will be closed as well as Thongon Street between Thoree and Condoo Streets and also Therwine Street between Coondoo and Thoree Streets.
  14. Malanda
    Between 4am and 5am, 8am and 10.30am, English Street between James and Catherine Streets, Catherine Street between Eacham and Angus Place will be closed.
  15. Mareeba
    Between 4am and 2pm, Byrnes Street between Rankin and Lloyd Streets will be closed.
  16. Millaa Millaa
    Between 10.15am and 11am, Main and Maple St intersection and the Wattle, Palm and Maple Streets intersection will be closed.
  17. Mt Garnet
    Between 5.30am and 6.15am, Garnet Street between Ruby and Talc Streets will be closed and then 9am to 11am, Beryl St between Zinc, Talc and Kennedy Highway will be closed along with Garnet Street between Ruby and Talc Streets.
  18. Mt Molloy
    Between 11am and 12pm, Main Street between Bakers Road and Brown Street will be closed.
  19. Ravenshoe
    Between 9am and 11am, Grigg Street will be closed.
  20. Trinity Beach
    Vasey Esplanade between Trinity Beach Road in a southerly direction Possum Street from 5am to 8am will be closed.
  21. Tully
    Between 5.30am and 7am, Butler Street, from Hort to Bryant Street; Bryant Street, from Morris Street to Mars Street; and Ross Lane entrance to Bryant Street will be closed. Between 9.30am and 12 midday, Butler Street, from Hort to Bryant Street; Bryant Street, from Butler to Mars Street; and Ross Lane entrance to Bryant Street will be closed.
  22. Yungaburra – Dawn Service at the Afghanistan Avenue of Honour
    Between 4.30am and 6am, Afghanistan Avenue of Honour – Tinaburra Drive from Lakeside Drive to Boat Ramp will be closed.
  23. Yungaburra – Morning Service
    Between 7.30am and 9.30am, Kehoe Place between Eacham Road and Cedar Street and Eacham Road between Roseblade and Fig Streets.

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