Can you join Cairns PCYC ‘Braking the Cycle’ for teens?

The Cairns PCYC ‘Braking the Cycle’ program is a mentor based learner driver program providing young ‘at risk’ people with the opportunity to obtain their mandatory 100 hours experience prior to being eligible to undergo a driving test.

This is a life changing program giving young people who, through circumstances and no fault of their own, have little or no opportunity to obtain their 100 hours.

With the support of the Cairns PCYC ‘Braking the Cycle’ program those participants can obtain the mandatory 100 hrs.

Cairns PCYC Sergeant Peter Fitzpatrick believes this program sees mentors not only providing advice in driving but also with life in general and is calling on volunteers to help with the program.

“Not having this opportunity can have a huge impact on a young person’s life”, Sergeant Fitzpatrick says.

“Lack of opportunities can develop low self-esteem, limited employment opportunities, lack of freedom and the ability to gain one of modern day life’s essential skills. From a crime prevention perspective these issues can be far reaching.

“The program is much needed in the Cairns area and PCYC has formed partnerships with the Cairns West Rotary group, employment agencies, FNQ volunteers and Foster Carers Qld to deliver and support the program.

“Given the number of young people in need of the ‘Braking the Cycle’ Program, Cairns PCYC are mindful of the enormous potential for the project and encourage other organisations to come on board and help support to the program.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer or provide financial assistance to the program is urged to contact Cairns PCYC by calling 4053 1532

The below photos were taken at the official launch earlier this week.

You can see some media coverage on the program in the video below.

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