Update on located Innisfail woman missing for 17 days

Search parties looking for Shannon

Search parties looking for Shannon

Located missing Innisfail woman, Shannon Fraser was located yesterday morning at about 8am approximately, just 30 meters from where she was last seen on Sunday September 20.

Shannon is currently receiving medical treatment in hospital and is in a stable condition.

Inspector Rhys Newton at today's media conference

Inspector Rhys Newton at today’s media conference

Country Patrol Group Inspector Rhys Newton today spoke with local media in an effort to thank the Far North Queensland community as well as media organisations for their assistance with the investigation.

Inspector Newton said, “The Police service are very happy that this person has been located and now in the Innisfail hospital resting comfortably.

We hope to speak to Shannon at length over the next couple of days.

He said, “The methodologies that we employ in a search operation are tried and true and extremely sound.

We’re joined in that operation by other emergency service personnel and our actions are over viewed at a state level and I have every confidence in the search co-ordinators and I am convinced there was an extremely high probability of locating that missing person, had she been in that area where we were searching.

The searchers dedicated approximately 800 search hours which was about 50 hours a day for that period that she went missing, using all modes possible. Using helicopters, bikes, quad bikes, foot searchers in very challenging terrain.

The effort from those searchers, especially the efforts of the SES is extraordinary under the circumstances and I’d just like to acknowledge that effort.

We are yet to speak to Shannon and if her movements have gone out of what we would reasonably expect a person who’s lost in those circumstances, if she’s moved out of that area, quite possibly she may have been in another area, then that is the importance of us wanting to debrief her about that.

We’ll take whatever learning experiences we get out of this and we’ll take them into other searches and if there are any lessons learned we are most keen to take that forward into our methodologies.”

A series of photographs were taken during the comprehensive search for Shannon over 17 days:



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